The espresso martini & some new age twists


When mixed correctly, the original recipe of Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, freshly drawn espresso & a touch of sugar syrup combine together to create one of the most delicious modern day classic cocktails known to man. For that reason, it is also one of the most asked for drinks in bars around the world today and… Read more »

How to cut a twist

Partly for the aroma and partly for appearance a nicely cut twist is a great touch to finish your cocktail. Whether you’re using lemons, oranges or limes choose nice firm ripe fruit.

How to separate an egg for egg white in cocktails

It’s an essential ingredient in many classic cocktails. Egg white imparts a lovely texture and appearance to the surface of the finished drink. Remember to shake extra hard so the white is properly incorporated in the drink. Click through to learn how.

How to fine strain a cocktail

Fine straining is the real mark of a professional who cares about the finished result. Partly about how the cocktail drinks, and partly about presentation. Click through to learn how.

How to garnish with a flamed orange zest

It’s the┬ámost popular garnish of the last 10 years. Popularised in NYC by Dale de Groff, the flamed orange brings theatre, flavour and aromatics to cocktails. Click through to learn how it’s done. Remember to start with a nice firm orange.

How to garnish with a mint sprig

Presentation in cocktails is like icing on the cake. We drink first with our eyes and garnishing is paramount. Choosing a nice healthy mint sprig can make all the difference. Click through to learn more.

How to make sugar syrup

Having sugar syrup on hand is essential to making great cocktails. It’s part of loads of classic cocktails and even more modern ones. It’s quick to make using only two ingredients you probably already have. Click through to learn how.

How to shake a cocktail

Not only how to shake properly, but how to get that shaker apart! Follow a couple of simple steps and shaking using a proper boston shaker becomes quick and easy. Click through to learn how.

How to stir a cocktail

Stirring a cocktail looks pretty straight forward. But there are some simple rules to make sure your stirred drink will be ice cold and have the proper dilution. Click through to learn how.